We are a new company just starting out, only been around for a couple of months (as of April 2014). We'd like to thank everyone who has currently bought stuff from us, we hope to gain some strong momentum in the coming months. So once again thanks for your support, you're the best!

We are massive music fans and love hearing new stuff. Particularly mathy post rock and other genres that have spiralled from a similar origin. So if you're in a band and would like an endorsement of such or some merch made, get in touch, I'm sure we can work out a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Similarly if you're an artist or designer, or even another clothing company and are interested in a collaboration, again please get in touch. We're in a tough old world, there's no doubt about that. But what's cool about being an independent brand is that we have a beautiful freedom that big companies can't afford - to share and create stuff with each other. I think it'd be a real shame not to somehow utilise that, let's do Capitalism the right way. Everybody loves to produce as well as consume, and in this internet age we are fortunate enough to have a brilliant platform to do this from.


- Bruised

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